Elon Musk announced on Monday, SpaceX ready to fly two tourism around the moon next year.


The Ceo of SpaceX Elon Musk said that SpaceX is ready to fly for tourism with two peoples around the moon in the next year 2018.

CEO of SpaceX also added that two tourists ready for the trip and they also paid the money for the trip. SpaceX is almost ready to fly around the moon in 2018. But he did not announce the name of two peoples who travelled in SpaceX. But they are paying in millions for such adventure.

source: The Next Web

According to the Russian Government, tourists paid around $20 million and NASA paid $80 million for the trip to Internation Space Station. But SpaceX does not announce the confirm price for the trip.

SapceX said in the Blog post, Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration.

source: The Indian Express

This Summer expected that Falcon Heavy rocket expected to make test flight and the Spacecraft will complete the tour next year with two tourists. The mission will take a week for the, they mentioned that 300,000 to 400,000 miles distance from earth to space.

source: Prensa Latina

Many space agency can send the tourists to the moon. In 1970, travelled by Apollo 13 astronauts they record 249,000 miles. The company further added that SpaceX presented this opportunity for the humans first time in 45 years and they will travel faster.

Elon Musk has not confirmed about the tourist and still not mentioned the price of the trip.


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