Election Commision of Pakistan bans on Social media and Youtube in its offices during the office timings.


Election commission of Pakistan(ECP) bans on social media and video streaming website in its offices across the Pakistan. Now ECP Governnment employees can not use the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media websites during the office timings.

Youtube is the world’s largest video streaming website in the world have been banned in Election commission of Pakistan offices across the country, Facebook and twitter also banned at ECP’s National Secretariate Islamabad and other offices across the country.

The Deputy Director, Syed A Rahman Zafar sent a letter to the Provincial commissioners of Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan. He said that, blocking the social media network and largest video streaming website Youtube at ECP. It will reduce in malware attacks and it will also discipline of using electronic resources.

ECP Deputy Director Syed A Rahman Zafar stated that,

the Competent Authority has directed to block social media websites (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.) on all networks of ECP secretariat as well as PEC offices including field offices with immediate effect.

They blocked social media websites and video streaming websites with the help of PTCL and Telecommunication Corporation (NTC). The letter was sent to other ECP offices on 31st March 2017.

In 2013, the Russian and Asian hackers launched its new strong Cyber attacks protector for the websites but it these were failed. The ECP’s server hacked many times by hacker. The Indian hackers also hacked the websites of ECP few times. According to the last year Microsoft report, they said that Pakistan is one of the country that attempted the highest rates of malware attacks.

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