Easypais offer 5,000 utility stores in the Pakistan for the services, MoU signed on the agreement.


MoU signed the agreement on 25th April 2017. Easypaisa offers around 5,000 utility stores in the Pakistan for its services.

Easypaisa by Telenor is the largest mobile banking service across the Pakistan. It is more reasonable and easier as compared to the banking payments in Pakistan. Now the Easypaisa contract with 5,000 Utility Stores Corporation to provides the services to digitise Payment System across the Pakistan.

Now people will access with fast financial transactions with Easypaisa, 50 million Pakistanis will get this affordable service. This service will help in Payments, and increasing the servicing speed.

During the agreement the President $ CEO of Telenor Microfinance Bank, Ali Riaz Chaudhry stated that,

We are the proud pioneers of mobile money with 9.2 million mobile account customers in Pakistan. This alliance is a continuation of our industry-first initiatives. We are delighted to offer further convenience and ease of access for all Easypaisa customers.

According to the agreement Easypaisa and Utility Stores change the destiny of Pakistan. They also mentioned that the 50 utilities stores in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. USC is the largest retail chain in the Paakistan, they provides the commodities at low rates as compared to others.

Ali Riaz Chaudhry also added that, Going forward, we plan on extending the partnership to include services like Till Payments, G2P Disbursements, Lending/Loan Repayments and Insurance Payments.

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