Dubai International Airport ban on all the electronics larger than standard smartphone.


Dubai International Airport bans on all electronics larger than standard smartphones and especially bans on Laptops and Tablets on direct flights to the United States on Saturday.

Dubai International airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Senior Vice president for communications Anita Mehra said that 1.1 million people pass through Dubai International Airport and also said 260,000 peoples were expected to pass each weekend.

The United States officially announced that they banned on all electronics larger than smartphones. According to the Dubai Emirates told that it will instruct at least October 14. But the United States does not officially confirm that how long it will.

The CEO of Dubai Airport Paul Griffiths stated that The ban also covers all electronics sold at Dubai Duty-Free.

Emirates daily operates 18 flights to the United States from Dubai. The United States also mentioned that the passengers never use any electronic devices after check in and until the boarding. They offering packing and shipping at the gate of the Airport. Saturday flights also delayed due to thunderstorms including Houston flight.

Us bans on nine airlines countries including, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt.

The ban is parallel which is effective from Saturday. Ban will target all the flights of Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Lebanon. The ban target the majority of Muslim countries in the world.

Here is the statement that emailed to APF:

 All Etihad Airways guests travelling to the United States clear US Immigration and Customs at the US Preclearance facility in Terminal 3, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, When guests land in the US, they arrive as domestic passengers with no requirement to queue for immigration checks again.

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