Your Dream Come True With An iPhone 8


Updates Of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is new upcoming phone with strong rumour that 2017 model with a lot of changes as it will be the handset Tenth Anniversary. And will be named as a iPhone 8 rather than the iPhone 7s and seems a big jump in a little refresh.

iPhone 8 release Date

It will be launch early in September 2017 and will sale out in September 2017. The exact date is yet not decided by the company.

If we can get more specific so iPhone 7 released date held in September 7 and similarly the iPhone 6 and 6s were held in September 9 of their representative launched year.


5.8 inch display

no bezels neither Home button

Curved AMOLED display and this display seems that it has a high quality than QHD resolution.

Curved glass back

Same as a iPhone 7

Faster A11 processor

Edge to edge display

Wireless charging

Water resistance

Taptic engine


Image source: iPhone 8

Hotest Leaks

Edge to edge display showes all the iPhone with a display its front  it take the entire front of the phone but it is not confirmed that the iPhone will fit to the screen or screen will fit to the iPhone so the size of the phone may variate from its standard size.

sharp is in negotiation with iPhone to biult OLED display for the iPhone or sharp will claim that iPhone will use direct OLED. And we have also got that apple has going to order a very large no of curved plastic OLED from the samsung.

May be no physical touched home button will introduce in the iPhone 8 so it could be the next step of the Apple.

There is also a confusion and the question is iPhone is going to use the Japan display of all of its iPhone screen or Japan will start making OLED display for the iPhone 8.



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