Dr. Tariq Banuri Appointed as HEC Pakistan Chairperson


Dr. Tariq Banuri has taken the charge of Chairperson of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The recently selected Chairperson was invited by Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director, HEC, senior administration and workers of HEC.

In his lady deliver to HEC workers, Dr. Tariq Banuri stretched out his appreciation to Prime Minister and the determination advisory group for resting their trust in him for the regarded position of HEC head:

“The first challenge lying ahead of me is to live up to this confidence and trust,โ€ he stated. He stressed the need for identifying the key issues facing the sector, setting targets for the next four years, and brainstorming on how the HEC procedural deficiencies can be addressed. HEC has to play a supportive role for higher education institutions, faculty and students at large, as it is a service organisation meant for facilitating all the stakeholders”

The Chairperson accentuated that HEC needs to go past numbers towards nature of advanced education and always shielding the privileges of the scholarly world. He said HEC won’t be a bottleneck on the development of advanced education, however it is critical thinking substance that will enable colleges and understand the HEC vision.

He said trainings will be held for HEC representatives time to time for their ability assembling so they may enhance their potential and work more brilliant. “HEC will invest in its employees ensuring that every individual sees their potential growing with the passage of time” he vowed.

Dr. Arshad Ali respected the new Chairperson in the interest of all HEC workers and guaranteed that all HEC representatives will sincerely and dedicatedly make their commitment to the advancement of advanced education area under the administration of Dr. Tariq Banuri. He valued the Government for making merited choice and said the advanced education clique hails this legitimacy based arrangement.


Dr. Tariq Banuri has a broad ordeal of working in the scholarly community, common society and national and in addition universal associations.

Dr. Banuri was individual from Steering Committee on Higher Education Reforms, the body that assumed a fundamental part in initiation of HEC in 2002. He has likewise functioned as Professor of Economics at University of Utah, USA.

The new Chairman holds a PhD degree in Economics. He did his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from University of Peshawar and Masters in Development Economics from Williams College. He began his profession through Civil Services of Pakistan, be that as it may, following five years he cleared out to seek after PhD in Harvard University and joined the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), United Nations as an examination individual.

Dr. Banuri has additionally filled in as establishing Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Pakistan. He has likewise remained individual from the Board of Governors, State Bank of Pakistan and functioned as Coordinating Lead Author on the Nobel Prize winning Inter-administrative Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Likewise, he has been without giving consultative administrations to Pakistan government in the territory of environmental change and to Mehran University in the zone of water.

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