Some pictures are created, by accident or on purpose, that will make you look twice. At first glance, you may be confused, but a second look helps you understand what is happening. These perfectly timed photos usually capture the moment of everyday items or situations, but the results bring a new and hilarious perspective. Also, with the help of smartphones, we are constantly snapping pics daily. And it is always super-satisfying when that ordinary snap turns out to be a winner—for the weirdest reasons.

With that said, we have collected 25 photos that will make you double-take each time because they are not what they seem. And these perfectly timed photos must have been created by pure luck. Because capturing this type of photo is not as easy as it seems, whoever took these pictures is a timing genius. So let’s scroll down and check them out now; enjoy!

#1. Aiming for the stars:

#2. Nice stripes!

#3. Who wears it better?

#4. I guess she doesn’t have cold feet, at ALL.

#5. Kids…

#6. His eyes are up here.

#7. “Professor, um… did you have an accident?”

#8. Bad day to wear a white tee:

#9. Legs for days.

#10. Nice stems.

#11. It’s not what you think, look again!

#12. He’s agreed.

#13. There, there.

#14. Too bad, now these trucks will never, ever, ever getting back together.

#15. Oh hey.

#16. The real cause of global warming:

#17. Moist.

#18. It’s the car seat, LOL. What else do you have in mind?

#19. Turtle man.

#20. Just a shadow.

#21. Bestfriends!

#22. Nom nom.

#23. Oh, burn.

#24. Perfect pussy pictures.

#25. And lastly, Batgirl knows what’s up.

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