WASHINGTON –A report of New York Time tells, Donald Trump has replaced his Android smartphone with a “potentially modified iPhone”.

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Just before oath taking, Donald trump replaced his cell phone( Android phone) with a new and secure device. this new cell phone contains special functions and approved by the US Secret Service. The key purpose of allotting this cell phone to few specials like Trump is to take them away from hackers and other mobile phone insecurities.

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Obama was also enjoying the same benefit last year. He was very much satisfied and secured with all modified features of safety.He told,

“It does not take pictures, you cannot text, the phone does not work A… you cannot play your music on it,”  


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It is not yet decided that whether the US president Trump will be permitted for using an extra smartphone beside the one what is specified to him after presidency. How he will send his tweets, it is also not clear so far.