Diablo 2: the production company postponed the release in this year, the game will be released in the next year


Diablo II has lost all its charm in the recent period because of the hackers sitting on the other side of the server. Yes, the game was awesome when played with real human beings from different parts of the world but the scamming bots have killed it. There was an uproar in the recent times regarding the arrival of Diablo II remastered but the sad news is that we won’t be witnessing it in the near future as the production company has postponed the plan.

57228 78 blizzard paves way diablo ii remastered Diablo 2 Remastered may not be near to its release!

Diablo 2 Remastered

The concept of Diablo 2 remastered was very exciting because all of the gamers saw the same old Diablo charm coming back in a revamped packaging. Peter Stilwell, Senior Producer on the Classic Games team says:

With Diablo, the big one is the botters and the spamming is out of control, [and people are asking] could we please fix that. Keep rolling seasons but maybe eventually be good enough at combating them that you see real names at the top of the leaderboard again.

So expecting anything good out of Diablo 2 remastered would be nothing but a waste of time!

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