Beluga whales appear in many aquariums over the world. They likely become an instant tourist attraction once they show up due to their unique characteristics. These gleamy white creatures are known to be highly intelligent. They love to play around with others and have a good sense of humor.
In this case, the beluga whale was fascinated by a couple at their wedding ceremony, so the whale decided to give them a look. It turned out that it accidentally swam by in the most misleading moment.

When the minister was asking a dreadful question: “if anyone knows of a reason why this couple shouldn’t be married, speak now,” the beluga whale suddenly appeared from behind the glass, creating a hilarious moment.

It is normal for us humans to have some photobombs with our loved ones at important events. However, being spooked by a beluga whale is once in a blue moon, this couple had to be blessed on their wedding day.

As always, internet users spent their time making things up with the almighty tool, Photoshop. And here are some of the most upvoted results:

Beautiful in white? I’m also in white!

Beluga minister

Proud father and his daughter

Mr Right Beluga

Untold love story

The Disney’s remake