TPL introduced Pakistan’s first digital map in the national language ‘Urdu’.



Earlier this year, TPL launched its digital map that covers the Pakistan’s landscape. The company focused on the Pakistan’s landscape. Recently they introduced the digital map in the national language ‘Urdu. The Urdu language digital map introduced on the demand on the huge population of users.

In this digital Urdu Map, users can see the location in the Urdu language including roads, cities, public places in the national language.

Adeel Hashmi, the head of TPL Maps stated that,

Considering the literacy level in the country and the increasing usage of smartphone, we have been working on Urdu maps for consumers over the past few months.

The latest digital Urdu map turned into the cab-hailing services, handset manufacturers and other service-oriented sectors.

According to the statement, the company plans to introduce many local language features soon in the digital map soon. Apple’s map not support the complete landscape in Pakistan and they having many incomplete locations in Pakistan.

Hashmi further added that,

Urdu Maps is a gift for our consumers on the occasion of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary, while maps localisation remains the core of our strategy.

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