Clean skin due to ripe tamarind juice


We believe that some people have heard of this ripe tamarind juice recipe since ancient times, but now the benefits Ripe tamarind juice still has many benefits and can be used to make delicious food sauces. Not only that, we can use ripe tamarind to beautify the face naturally and well. Follow these steps:

Before applying ripe tamarind juice on the face, we must first scrub the face thoroughly with clean water. Soap first, then we take ripe tamarind juice (mixed with water to thicken a little) to apply gently. Cover the face and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing with clean water and you need to do this. Often it will ensure that your skin will be fresh and clear until your girlfriends break their face for a while. When you see him again, you will be amazed and jealous because of your beautiful face.

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