China will provide communication satellite to Pakistan for establish largest capacity telecom network.


China contract with Pakistan will provide communication satellite to Pakistan. According to the agreement, Pakistan establishes largest capacity telecom network.

The Head of Institute of Telecommunication satellite Zhou Zhicheng said, seven communications satellites has developed in the world and Pakistan also include. They export 10 satellites. The United States and Europe need the best developers of Communications satellites just like Thales Alenia Space and Boeing

In April, China will introduce largest capacity network and most advanced communication satellite in April. It will provide the internet to passengers on trains and jetliners in China.

China Academy of Space Technology, they also introduced Shijian 13. It works on a Long March rocket from Xichang satellite. According to the academy, this satellite weighs 4.6 metric tons and it will stay 15 years in geostationary, 36000 kilometers above from earth.

Shijian 13 is the most powerful satellite in the country has developed. It works on 20 gigabytes of data per second it makes more powerful communication satellite. The academy further added that they will use electric propulsion in Shijan 13 after enters orbit. It works to reduce chemical fuel from satellite carriers.

According to the Wang Min the head of Academy of Telecommunication Satellite stated that China also estalbish most advance satellites in 2025. After the development people will be used high-quality wifi internet service.

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