China has made itself into the biggest solar energy producer in terms of capacity


National Energy Administration (NEA) is responsible for all energy development plans and industrial plans, and according to them, China is now the largest Solar Energy producer in the world in the terms of capacity. This is because since last year China has more than doubled its photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

According to sources, Chinas photovoltaic capacity has increased to almost 77 gigawatts while going towards the end of 2016 and also added almost 34 gigawatts as the year went on.

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According to the data collected in China Shandong, Xinjiang and  Henan experienced the most capacity increase while Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia got to get the greatest overall capacity in 2016.

The total amount of energy generated by solar was around 66 Billion kilowatt-hours, even though it only totals to 1 percent of Chinas overall energy requirement it still is a great achievement and according to sources China aims to produce around 20 percent of the countries overall energy requirement using non-fossil fuels by 2030 and currently it is around 11 percent, the total investment China aims to do is around $364 Million by 2020.

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Sufyan Khan


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