THE CENTAURUS MALL Management says clearly the Mall is not For POOR People


People start Reviewing Bad on Facebook Fans pages , centaurus mall is located in islamabad , they clearly said only salary person can visit the mall , and if you are only Boy you have to pay 500 tickets for thats.

Please conduct a walkout interview of those saints you consider are being harrased for a while and do let us know how many of them actually do shopping on their visit. I am pretty damn sure it would be less than 10% but than you guys already know that. Its more of an income source to you. For me its not the 500 or 300 or whatever god damn price tag you put on it; its the insult one has to bear by paying for that coupon. I might as well stick that coupon on my forhead and write “Tharki” on it. Most of the guys go there for a hangout with buddies in the food court or for shopping and they don’t give a flying fuck about lurking around and chasing girls. Growup you shitheads.

You even can print a charity logo exactly along with your CENTAURUS logo for yours and visitor’s satisfaction.
And what do you have guarantee that a visitor paying 500 to you will be very friendly for your family group visitors..?
Or you are just giving a license to poke to families in only 500. You made a piece of admire the building but you prove yourself a piece of shit by imposing this 500.
Now clean this shit…
Just give away the total collection of this 500 and add the same value from your own account to a charity…or city givernment for development fund and post the receipt here.
Otherwise Centaurus my foot.

There are lot of malls in karachi and far far better than this and there is no such bull shit all they have done is they have hired security who keep eyes on such activities either by standing on their assigned positions or roaming around in the mall and have never witnessed any mess even in the peak rush days including eid festivities and Independence day they kept an order in the mall rather than charging any fee so you should better do expenses rather putting it on customers.

Against the social and gender discrimination! So not “light years ahead” and there is nothing about Centaurus which makes it so. Far better malls in design and policies have been built all around the world. First of its kind in Pakistan doesn’t make it first of its kind in the world which allows discrimination!

Most Shocking Review from Some Foreigner
David Williams reviewed THE CENTAURUS “LIGHT YEARS AHEAD” — \
I visited this mall back in 2015 with my fiance and local translator. He told us that they take almost $3 per person for entrance (#families and #foreigners are excluded so they didn’t take anything from us lol). .
I feel sorry for my Pakistani friends. This kind of racial discrimination used to happen in USA in 1962 where black people could not sit in parks. They Could not sit with white guys in public transport. Because they were black. Same shit is happening in this mall. Discriminating poors. Guess what if this mall was in USA.? Well let me explain.
People would stop going to this racist mall and owner of mall would be arrested for creating racism.
Peace �
#PakArmy please Closed the Centaurus mall
they are Discriminating poor People and entrance fees 500 Rupee only for poor people

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