CCP Stops Neucon Pakistan From Selling Fake American Products


In Pakistan CCP ( competition commission of Pakistan ) has issued a clear notice to Neucon Pakistan for copying the Americans Product.

Neucon Pakistan copying American products such as copying Packaging of Biofreeze Gel and Spray, a product of the USA-based, Performance Health Inc., that is distributed in Pakistan by Ferozsons Laboratories Limited.

Ferozsons’ formal complaint to the CCP (Compitition commission of Pakistan) said:

Neucon was using a deceptively similar trademark, packaging, and labeling of its product, Biofreeze, for its copied version of the product, BYQFREEZ.

The authorized impoter of the products of Performance Health, USA is Ferozsons.The Products that are  imported from America including Biofreeze Gel and spray.

It is confirmed by the CCP’s (Compitition Commission of Pakistan ) inquiry that Performance Health Inc is the first and best owner of the Biofreeze trademark and Ferozsons is its only registered distributor in Pakistan. However Neucon was not authorized to use the registered Biofreeze trademark, hence, it was involved in trademark derelication.

It is also found by the help of CCP”s (Compitition Commission of Pakistan) inquiry that Neucon Pakistan was engaged in copying the packaging of the product of Ferozsons Laboratories to deceive consumers and harm their business interests also. Both these actions are a prima facie violation of Section 10 of the Competition act. A Clear Notice by CCP”s (Compitition Commission of Pakistan )has been served on Neucon Pakistan on recommendation of the inquiry report and the company has been directed to respond in writing within fourteen (14) days.

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Arooj Fatima


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