Cargar and Bykea: Two Motorcycle services launched in Karachi and Islamabad for Transport.


Bykea and Cargar is the new motorcycle taxi service launched in Karachi and also introduced in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They are operated motorcycle service in Pakistan.

As in Pakistan, the roads are totally chaos and increasing traffic in all the cities, people want to avoid traffic blocking. In case, Bykea and Cargar introduce a new motorcycle service in some cities of Pakistan to avoid traffic blocking and move quickly to any place.

Bykea is a service that will only operate on bikes/motorcycle. Now they just launched in Karachi and Islamabad-Rawalpindi. They operate pick and drop service in a motorcycle. They have also moved the parcels to any places. It will be the savage of time and money and this technology will users get easier and faster. Parcel packages also available now.

source: The Pak Media

You can download the application of Bykea. This service one of the lowest price service in the Pakistan. Bykea announced the rate list and also include the time, Rs. 1 per minute, Rs. 4 per Kilometre and base fare is only Rs. 30 Kilometre.

Now you can travel anywhere in the city at the low price with Bykea motorcycle service. Bykea service is just like Careem and Uber.

It works in cheapest price to travel on a motorcycle, people can get the advantage of fuel consumption and costs of travelling expense. The delivery of any parcel in reasonable price rates. Now you can avoid from text or rikshaws services and do not waste your money.

You can download this application from Google Play Store in android mobiles, after the open app you will get two options ‘Parcel or Ride’. After you choose any of them, you will connect with the nearby ride, who will pick you from your location. You can pay the cash after the ride.

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