Careem is willing to invest $150 Million in Pakistan and increase their reach


As you all already must know that recently Careem was involved in a tax evasion case along with its competitor Uber but regardless Careem does not care and is willing to invest their time as well as their money.They are not joking because it has been confirmed that Careem is willing to invest $150 Million in the country on Kareem on the course of the next five years, they have already set their goals and are currently after accomplishing them.

The public was informed about this when Careem sent a statement to their customers.

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Along with this great news, Careem also announced that they are planning on expanding their reach to more cities and the figures can go up to 30 more cities which will help create more than 1 million jobs for the people of Pakistan, but the good news does not finish here because they are hoping to enable over 250,000 young entrepreneurs through their affiliate programme, with this they are also planning on creating the latest and the greatest research facilities and development centres which will enable the engineers of Pakistan to show their worth along with creating worldwide call centre to help their customers as well as their captains in over 50 cities.


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Sufyan Khan


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