Careem Introduced ‘GO & GO+’ New Car Booking Service and Most Affordable Service in Town.



GO & GO+, Careem introduced new car booking service with a new name in town. It is safest and affordable service with highest quality mobility.

Careem introduced with new models cars and it will be safe for all peoples. They are offering the most shorter times of arrival and keep the safest. Everyone can afford the new service ‘GO & GO+‘. This service is most affordable for all customers. GO & GO+‘ good to hear that this service will be standardised in all over the country.

Source: forums.windowscentral

These are the difference between GO and GO+.

  • GO is the most affordable service for customer. Go available in any time in any day. People can easily afford this service.
  • GO+ is litle expensive than GO, it is also known as Economy. They will provide in GO+ service with higher quality car.

Careem is the car booking service company in Pakistan. They are just providing just cars for travelors. Careem’s car service missions is to make easier in transportation for all people in Pakistan. This service for everyone. Everyone can use this service everyday in any time. Careem launched his service over the Pakistan’s  cities with 10 million rides in this service.

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