Track Caller With Ufone Auto Dial


Ufone is trying to bring ease to Ufamily members and that is why they are growing bigger day by day. “Auto Dial” is Ufone call feature, that automates important call dialing for you with your consent.

In Auto Dial, you authorize Ufone system to make a call for you when you missed a call to your friend or family when they were beyond coverage.

How Auto Dial Works

  • Call your desired number, when he/she is out of coverage area or powered off
  • The caller gets SMS from “464” saying “ Yeh user abi network per nahe, Abi Yes likh ker reply Karen aur Auto Dial service sy call connect Karen. Service charges Rs 0.40″
  • If the caller reply SMS with “YES” signing the consent
  • For the next hour (1 Hour), Auto Dial is going to track that number
  • Once Called Number is available, Auto Dial will connect the call

Charges are 0.4 Paisa per transaction


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