Cabient Reconsider Timings For Government Offices,


Today, it was reported that federal government was planning to make saturday a working day for public employees.

A notification was also circulated over social media .

Azhar Sultan@sazharsultan

Govt offices to open on Saturday’s as well. Agenda of Cabinet meeting under PM IK.

A detailed summary was also presented for making Saturday a working day, with working hours ( 8:00 am to 3:00 pm). However, the news was fake.


After the cabinet meeting by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan today,the news of the six day working week has been debunked ,we have checked with sources .

The decided new timings”

  • Monday – to- Friday ::8:00 am to 5:00 Pm



@ImranKhanPTI very good decision to remove saturday as holiday..


Two holidays in a week is international practice; It boost Tourism, and it Decrease depression in people. Revoking Saturday holiday Will be biggest violation against human rights In Pakistan. @PTIofficial

Gibran Ashraf


Regarding abolishment of Saturday off in govt offices, while on one hand it could help facilitate people, on the other it was always an austerity measure (when factoring in utility/operational costs etc). Being bold would be to shift heavy govt work to night shift w/low tariff

Tanya Ali@Tanyaalimusa

@ImranKhanPTI kindly change office hours to go with your Saturdays.7-3 is better than 9 -5.Nation building requires importance to family life. Please keep that in mind or you’ll be raising a generation with mental health issues and high suicide rates.

Asad Umar


The first decision of the new cabinet was to form a high powered taskforce to recover unlawful wealth stashed abroad. Message to those who have stolen public money and hid it abroad is loud and clear : we are coming after you!


Sir, Saturday off helps saving fuel, electricity and human energy too. So one can work whole week for as long as possible. Plz do not take our Saturday. As we do not have anything else for our families.

Hasan Zaidi@hyzaidi

Bye bye Saturday holiday?

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Arooj Fatima


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