Business man must have these 5 applications in Mobile phone for traveling.

If you are the business man and want to travel, then you must have these applications. These applications will make your tour easy.

You can find everything with the help of your mobile phone applications. These applications will help in, hotel booking, routes finding, and everything.

These are the 5 applications for business travellers:

FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker application for both Android and iOS users. This application will help in your flight timings. If your flight delayed or on time it will inform you all about flights. With this application, you can track your flight easily. Now people don’t waste the time on airport for flights.  Android and iOS user can install this application in the mobile phone. 


This application for both mobile phones, android and iOS devices. Both versions can install in mobile phones. It will help in writing notes in your smartphone. You can note everything in this application.

Google Maps

If you are new in town and don’t know about the right route. In case people are getting late for meeting or else, they must install Google Map application. It will help in travelling and guide correctly. It will also notify you about the traffic jams and it will guide you the best and shortest route. Now you reached the place without wasting your time.


This application will help you to find best places as keeping your hotel and cred card points. It will guide you the nearest places from your location where you can use your credit card.

Oanda Currency Converter

Oanda Currency Converter application will help in your currency knowledge. Now you can convert currency easily and know about the right figure of dollar rates. This application available for both Android and iOs devices.


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