BlueEast has signed with Jazz to introduced revolutionary IoT innovations in Pakistan soon.


BlueEast and Jazz Pakistan network join hands for introduced the revolutionary IoT innovations in Pakistan.

Jazz is the largest telecom network company in Pakistan, the company provide the best network services in the country and one of the oldest network company in Pakistan. Jazz network company join with BlueEast company for the opportunities in the term of IoT, Technological developments in Pakistan.

The Orient Group of Company is the largest Iot company in Pakistan. Abdul Rehman Talat is the founder of the country. They work on IoT and E-commerce division in Pakistan.

BlueEast is technology development company in Pakistan. They work on the E-commerce and Internet Of Things (IoT) in Pakistan. They work on many projects including, home automation, smart urban development, automotive, health care, wearables and smart manufacturing.

The signing meeting held on 10th April 2017, in this meeting the Head of Corporate Solutions Khurram Riaz, Head of M2M-IoT Business Solutions Shamsher Ali Khan, Manager Corporate Sales MFS Hyder Malik and Regional Manager Corporate Solutions Kashif Fayyaz representing Jazz and Executive Director of Orient Group of Companies Mian Ahmed Fazil, C.E.O Abdul Rehman Talat, C.O.O. Junaid Hafeez and Head of Marketing Sidra Talat of BlueEast presented in the meeting.

The Chairman and CEO of BlueEast, Abdul Rehman Talat stated during the meeting,

This MoU is not just significant for BlueEast and Jazz but also for the future of technology in Pakistan and I am hopeful that it will become the origin of a lasting partnership and innovations par excellence.

According to the agreement, both the companies will provide the benefit of tech and network flexibility in Pakistan. Expected that both companies will introduced an array revolutionary IoT innovations in Pakistan very soon.

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