Blancco Technology report: Android mobile phones more reliable than iPhone smartphones.


According to the Blancco Technology report, they said in report Android smartphones are more reliable than the iPhone smartphones.

The smartphone manufacturer testing in North American, Europe and Asia, the including course five quarter, Q4 2015, Q1 2016, Q2 2016, Q3 2016 and Q4 2016. Q4 were collected millions of Ios and android devices. The report shows that iOs devices less reliable than the Android smartphones. iOs have more issues in devices.


The new iPhone mobile phones have many issues in new models of iPhone, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. These smartphones have some issues in devices including apps crashing error, heating issues, headphone issues.

iPhone had higher failure rate than android smartphones. These are the issues in iPhone smartphones:


New iPhone smartphones had the issue of overheating. iPhone mobile starts heating when too much usage of the smartphone. If the iPhone users download iOS 10 software, it will save and updated all the applications in the background. The update affects on battery timing and smartphone to heat up.

Headphone Malfunctioning

iPhone smartphones have another common problem in their smartphones. iPhone users can hear in headphones during calls. Many users can claim about the issues. The users constantly headphones cuts in and out.

source: BGR

Crashing Apps

Last year, issues developing in applications in iOS devices. Most applications failure on iPhone devices and does not support most applications.

Even Social media applications crashing on iPhone devices. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat does not work sometimes. These are the reasons, iPhone iOS devices is not reliable and they have issues in their devices. Android mobile phones are more reliable and they don’t have any issues in their smartphones.

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