Bitcoin crossed the $7,600 barrier and expecting to cross about $8,000 in this month-report claims


Are you among those who bought Bitcoins about 8-10 years ago? 5 years? 3 years? No? I regret to say that you and I are in the same boat of disappointment. Those who got these Bitcoins in the previous times are now enjoying the value of it on its all-time high! Especially, the last couple of weeks were jaw-opening for every single person who knows the importance of bitcoins. The price of a single bitcoin started from below $6500, then hiked to $6500, and then even $7000. That’s not all, the current value of a single bitcoin equals USD 7267.35 and the trends are showing that it will easily climb the $8,000 figure.

08122016 bitcoin chart Bitcoin crosses the $76,000 barrier   Soon to climb the $8,000 figure

Cryptocurrencies All The Way

Not only bitcoin, but the total value of all cryptocurrencies in the world hiked above the $200 billion figure, although the key factor in this rise was bitcoin. According to the figures, Bitcoin has managed to go 700% north of its actual value in the last few years.

Unbelievable Facts

Limited Bitcoins Bitcoin crosses the $76,000 barrier   Soon to climb the $8,000 figure

The journey has been unpredictably weird because it is the world’s strongest currency at the moment. Not to be surprised, the researchers say that it might hit the $25,000 figure by the year 2022. By the next year, the price will be somewhere around $11,000 but the best is yet to come. Last but not the least, the bitcoin may hit a figure of $50,000 by the year 2025.

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