Beware from eating Lychees on an empty stomach


No one can even think that a fruit could be life-taking and this is quite close to the truth. A district called Muzaffarpur which is located in India, children started dying out of nowhere and it has been quite a mystery until now.

Researchers have figured that the reason behind these children’s deaths was nothing but eating lychees while having an empty stomac.

Lychee became the main cause of Children’s deaths

The people over there even named the disease as “chamki” and it is said to spread during the months of May and June every year causing many people their precious lives. Back in the year of 2014 391 children were admitted into various hostipals and only 1200 could survive from it.

This discovery was made able by the joint research of American aswell as Indian scientists.

The research states that Lychees contain Hypoglycin A which is known to be very toxic

When the issue began to cause more in Bihar, Doctors were called to find the reason for the deaths and a Docor from the Christan Medical Colege in india was called and he stated that:

“Children there were found having low blood sugar levels which aided metabolic diseases.”

The children who got this issue were said to have signs of brain cell damages and Major seizures telling us about a toxin.

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Sufyan Khan


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