Here are the best procedure how to Root Samsung Galaxy s7 and S7 edge smartphone.


Samsung released its models Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge initially with the Android’s Marshmallow version in it. After the release of Android Nougat, Samsung released the OTA update for the S7 and S7 Edge users and most of the S7 and S7 Edge users have already upgraded their device to it. If you haven’t done this, do this in the first priority.

The Prerequisites

Before we start, there are certain things that need to be made very clear. This method works on all variants of Qualcomm S7 and S7 Edge including Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Though rooting your sprint device may cause some problem but it’s not generally for everyone. As mentioned earlier, this method is just for Qualcomm devices and Exynos devices should stay away from it. The update is a safe one as it can be reversed by simply factory resetting your phone and reflashing the updated version but as a side effect, you won’t be able to use Samsung Pay after the update.

The Necessary Files

The prerequisite files for the root process with their links to download are given below. Please download them on your PC.

  1. PrinceComsy Modified Odin

2. In case you need the ADB files to be installed on the system, download and install the 15 minute ADB drivers from Google.

3. Original stock firmware files

4. Kernel Auditor….kerneladiutor


The Process

  1. After you have downloaded the Kernel Adiutor, grant it the permission for SuperSu and set both CPU governors to ONDEMAND. Then set “Apply on boot“. Remember, keep core 1&2 default to performance and core 3&4 default to interactive.
  2. Now press the Volume Down, Power and Home Button and then again Home Button to take your phone into “Download Mode”.
  3. Launch the modified ODIN that you downloaded on your PC.
  4. Now Unzip ENG BOOT file and get the boot.tar for your device. You can distinguish it from the file name. But remember, not to Unzip The “TAR FILE”.
  5. Now, you have to put that .tar file in AP section of ODIN
  6. It’s time to connect your phone to the PC, and you’ll see a lighted “COM port” selected in ODIN which is basically a green signal for you.
  7. Now start Odin by clicking the START Button in Odin. Your phone will be automatically restarted. Once your phone is restarted and you have reached the home screen, open cmd in your PC. Take the cmd prompt to the destination folder where you unzipped the SuperSU 2.79
  8. Now, type root.bat and rest is the responsibility of the system. After process completion, your phone will go through a compulsory restart again and Hurray! your phone woke up with root access to Android 7.0 Nougat.



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