Best Places you must visit and shoot in Islamabad


Islamabad is a beautiful city and capital of Pakistan. You can find out the most beautiful places to capture or shoot you on such places. Islamabad is full of beauty and the houses down on Margala road to the lush trees on green belts. The trees like pine are enhancing the beauty of the city, the citizen of the city breath in pure air and enjoy the cool and calm weather and least noisy roads. Here are detail of some beautiful places in the city. Let’s checkout the details:

1.Pir Sohawa


Pir Sohawa is the one of the best place in Islamabad, Pir Sohawa is the popular for its surroundings of tall trees and mostly families, couples to visit and enjoy the weather. Monal restaurant is the famous for dine-in Some of the beautiful images are given below!

2. Daman-e-koh

Daman-e-koh is famous for the picnics and trips, the visitors come and visit the place, view the sights of the city. A beautiful scene of the city can be seen, on night a marvelous Faisal Masjid view amazing scene.

3. Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument and heritage museum is situated in Shakarparian Hills the another beautiful place, the monument is for symbolize national unity. Blooming flower petal-shaped structure Monument looks wonderful in lights. Museum has the historical memories in shaped of statue and  visualization. Its the best place to shoot and visit.

4. Saidpur Village

The lopsided village houses sloping all over the hills is the basic for its attractions to visitors and tourists. Million of tourist visit the place and enjoy the music and the traditional culture of the village.

The village is situated in a ravine in the Margalla Hills. A Hindus temple and Gurdwara is the piece of attraction of the village. You must visit the place at least once.

5. Centaurus

Centaurus is the one of the heighten building in the city, the rooftop of the building can be seen around the city.  The building covers a 36-floor hotel, three 23-floor residential and office towers and a five-storey shopping mall.

You can dine-in, shop and capture the beauty of the Centaurus. Tourist come across over there to enjoy and see the beauty of the city.


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Zill-e- Huma


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