Best One Handed Games For Android And IOS To Play


Who does not love mobile games especially if you have a big screen but there is a tiny problem since we have big phones nowadays and are used to operating them by using only one hand, some games don’t like that but dont worry we have it under control.

Here Are The Top 4 One Handed Games On IOS And Android

Name: Missiles

Creator: Macaque

Supported: Android

Missiles is a classic arcade game with a modern touch and the only goal is to dodge the incoming missiles but believe me it is not easy to. your plane is slow as hell and barely moves while the oncoming missile come in at high speeds and playing it is really hard but fun.

Name: Bottle Flip

Creator: Ketchapp

supported: Android and IOS

This game is created over the internet craze of bottle flipping and some smart guy has taken the idea and turned it into a game but believe me it is as hard as doing it in the real world, don’t think think that this would be a piece of cake.

Name: Super Mario Run

Creators: Nintendo

Supported: IOS

Super mario run is made by the gaming legends who brought the very concept of modern gaming into this world NINTENDO. Even though it is only available on IOS but it is worth playing because it reminds you of the legendary arcade game that the 90 kids used to die for.

Name: Dot & CO

Creators: Playdots INC

Supported: Android and IOS

Dots and Co is somewhat similar to the once top charts game ” Candy Crush” and the goal is simple, just connect the dots but as you go onwards the game starts to challenge you by giving harder levels which need patience and time.



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