He is waiting for his brother, who has just returned home from school.He extends his legs to give him a warm hug.This is the sweetest and cutest scene to look forward to every day when you get home.

This youngster has just returned from school.And it’s not just his mother who is waiting for him to return home.His loyal dog is also patiently waiting for him.The dog can be seen in the video watching from their front yard as his human brother gets off the school bus and crosses the yard to reach him.The dog stretches his legs because it looks like the dog will run to meet the brother halfway.

But he didn’t run; instead, he walked.Perhaps he needed to stretch his legs after a long day of running and chasing his tail.His brother approaches him and greets him.The dog then does something that was most likely the reason for the leg stretching.He raises himself to his back legs and embraces his brother.What a thoughtful gesture!In addition, the dog refused to let go.                                                                                                                                                                             

It appears that this is a daily greeting for them, as his brother was unsurprised by the dog’s behavior.Or perhaps he has been teaching his dog to do this and has finally succeeded!The human brother hugged him back, and the dog kissed him.After such a long day, these two are overjoyed to be together again.We’re guessing that these two spend every waking hour together (when the human isn’t at school).

Bernedoodle, a crossbreed of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, are great family dogs.This hybrid combines the best of both worlds.They have the cheerful, playful demeanor of a Bernese Mountain Dog and the intelligence of a Poodle.They enjoy playing with children, especially young children who can match their energy.

They have a special capacity for play and roughhousing with children.They get along best with young children if they are introduced to them when they are puppies.”They thrive in homes where they can develop alongside the children,” Garrett wrote for Trending Breeds


Bernedoodles do not always look alike because they are a mixed breed.Two Bernedoodles may stand next to each other, but you’d never guess they’re the same crossbreed because they look so similar.

Their height and weight are two undeniable characteristics.Bernedoodles reach their maximum height of approximately 23 to 29 inches by the age of 12 to 14 months.At around the same age, they will also reach their maximum weight of 50 to 90 lbs.Unfortunately, while they can be your best friend, they are not the best guard dogs.They’re very friendly and don’t make loud noises.As a result, they will not bark if they see someone unfamiliar (whether a dog or a human).They might even befriend the intruder.So remember that as well.


Watch the video below and gush at the cute exchange between this dog and his human brother.