Meet Arctic Fox, the hardiest of all arctic animals. And there must be a reason to say that.

The North Pole weather is extremely cold, and rarely can an animal survive there except for polar bears, caribous, or arctic foxes. Arctic foxes are the hardiest of all species thanks to their ability to endure a temperature as low as -58°F.

They populate throughout the Arctic Circle’s coastal areas, from Canada to Europe, Russia, Iceland, etc. Faithful to their partners, arctic foxes give birth to 2 litters (up to 14 pups for each) in their lives.

These foxes are recognized by their white coats which not only provide them enough warmth but also work great as a winter camouflage. It is believed that no other fur is warmer than that of arctic foxes.

This is an “opportunistic omnivores” species that consume almost everything, whether it’s animal or plant.

Apart from the white fur, furry soles, short ears, and short muzzle are other physical features that differentiate arctic foxes from other counterparts. These features also help them withstand the frosty climate.

In the winter, the species take advantage of their white coats to disguise into the surroundings to hunt prey such as rodents, birds, and fish. In the summer, by changing the color of their fur to brownish-gray, they can fit in the background of rock and plants.