Asus ready for a big launch of its latest smartphone ‘Zenfone 4V’ this year.

Asus is a largest Taiwanese multinational and electronics company. Nowadays the company working on its upcoming smartphone ‘Zenfone 4V’. The company ready for a big launch this year with its upcoming device.

According to the Roland Quandt, they stated that,

I think we have a launch date for ASUS ZenFone4 line in Europe. (pic from press ‘save the date’) — Roland Quandt (@rquandt) June 28, 2017.

The smartphone will launch in the event on 21st September. According to the Cheap Scoops, they clearly hint about the upcoming smartphone, the company ready to introduce its latest smartphone ‘Zenfonee4v’ this year. They also announce the launch date of Zenfone 4. The smartphone comes with wide angle dual lens setup. The iPhone also released its latest smartphone’s in the month of September.