Al Program developed at Carnegie Mellon University And Beat Fouor Professional Poker Players.


Artificial intelligence program developed by the Carnegie Mellon University and play the game as no-limit. The tournament between the four best poker players in the world. Artificial Intelligence Program beat four professional players.

According to Tuomas Sandholm professor at Carnegie Mellon University Professor of Computer Science said, At a high level, this means now that we have proven the ability for an AI to do strategic reasoning in imperfect situations has surpassed that of humans.

Source: CMU

Tuomas Sandholm also said during the conference of the victory of Brains vs Artificial Intelligence at Rivers Casino. This tournament held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The tournament over 20 days and millions of people watched this tournament across 151 countries. Libratus beat four World’s four professional Players Dong Kim, Jimmy Chou, Daniel McAulay and Jason Les.

source: REUTERS

Claudico, lost million dollars in poker competition. Libratus won more than 1.7 million chips in a competition. Chas game does not only depend on the hidden cards, it depends on the how an opponent player played.

Libratus did not learn from the other proffesional players. But the millions of players can learn from the observation from the game. He said Libratus is always going to do what they think.

source: TechSpot

People can see the pokers betting huge amounts of money on small pots. People are afraid to play for these types of games. Libratus face many situations from pokers. Sandholm Said that The algorithms are actually game-independent



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