Apple Rule Ended-Google Most Famous Brand 2017


Google is now become the world’s powerful and famous brand of 2017 reported from many sources. It is independent brand finance consultancy announced Wednesday in Global 500 reports.

Image Source: Google

The search engine rate rose 24 percent to $109.5 billion in this year’s and reported $88.2 billion last year.The company is now the biggest brand in its own business who reach their customer and make a better brand equity through search engine and advertizing it is reported as well that google is remain unchallenged brand in its core search business which is the main thing of its advertizing income.

Apple’s brand value fell 27 percent to $107.1 billion from $145.9 billion in the 2016 reported; so losing its lead as the most valuable brand — a title it got since 2011.

Image Source: Apple

The report also showed that the Apple brand “has lost its brightness and must now compete” with Chinese smartphone products like Huawei and OnePlus, in addition to its traditional South Korean rival Samsung.

Image Source: Samsung

Brand value is now calculating by scaling a company from 0 to 100, based on its emotional connection to  customer, financial performance of a company, sustainability of a company, and taking current and future revenues generating of the company into account it, on the top of its core businesses, licensing agreements and portfolio management.

The company also evaluating which brands are the most powerful brands. According to which one is the most powerful brand of the year Google is the most powerful brand of the year taking position above from the Apple make it most respectful and attractive brand they give their best to the customer to retain and motivate customer towards their google search engine.The most focused Aim of their business is to serve millions billions of people by their search engine.

They also made many other apps like google scholar and tools for their search engine and the best and easy service what they want to give to their customer and thats what they are doing since google is started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University in 1995. By 1996, made a page and very peak success in a very less time.


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