Apple now holding ‘App of the week’ promotion, Telepaint now becomes the ‘App of the week’.


Apple trying to improve their services, now they recently introduced the latest feature for all the Apple user. Now Apple choose the best App from the iTunes App Store. And they mentioned as a ‘App of the Week’. Recently they selected ‘Telepaint app’ of the week in free category, and they also dropped the tag price.

Last week, the ‘Beat Stomper’ was the ‘App of the Week’ and now ‘Telepaint App’ is the app of the week. Now you can download this game for free. You can simply download from the iTune’s App Store for one week.

Here is the list of game features:

  • Over 100 unique puzzling levels
  • Spread across 6 different game worlds
  • All movements and actions in the game are synced with the beat, for fun rhythmic puzzle solving
  • Explosive colorful paint covers levels as you progress, have fun making a mess!

The App Store Editor’s Notes say,

‘You’ll need to think through all the steps—and fast—if you want to help a friendly bucket splash his way through Telepaint’s obstacle-filled conundrums. By linking the right portals, you can pick up keys, unlock rooms, and send the bucket jogging in the right direction’

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