Apple May Offer Special iPhone at $1000 On Its 10th Anniversary



Apple is planning to offer New iPhone at a discount cost on its 10th anniversary to the people. It is also expected cost well over thousands of US dollar.

image source: iPhone 8

From many times we are listening that iPhone offers their products on its occasion of its 10th anniversary. This time Apple is launching a new iPhone with totally new features as well.


As far as the leaks are reported, we expecting three iPhones this year. There’re 3 versions of iPhone 7S, for screen sizes of 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. Along two incremental iPhone 7S, Apple may also expected to launch so-called “iPhone X”, or “iPhone 8”.


With a double sensor back camera, the smartphone is also have some new 3D-sensing technology. The report said 3D-technology is going to be the most-Predicted feature of the next iPhones. Apple has partnership with Lumentum to add Lumentum’s 3D sensing technology to its next phone. The 3D-sensing technology will may used to add better image resolution. The technology will also find its use in some increase reality related app as well.

Anniversary Offers

The iPhone X and iPhone 8, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple company, would be a chief level model. It have an edgeless OLED display with a larger screen size, and larger OLED screens aren’t  that cheaper. BusinessInsider reported a Fast Company’s story, which reported that the price is surely expected to shoot past the $1,000 barriers.

People are pretty excited for the up coming iPhone 8 in the market and can use in hands and and giving a discounted cost at its 10th anniversary shows their loyalty and honesty towards their customer that they really care about their customers and want their product very user friendly iPhone 8 has a very advance features and many social media reported that may be it will introduce at a first quarter of this year.


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