Apple News Plus Subscription Under $ 10.00


Apple Event took the world by surprise, a huge buzz comes to an end witnessing Apple News Plus. As we all know March is Apple’s month. So they did unexpectedly by updating Apple News to Apple News Plus.

The Apple News Plus

Apple always talks about supporting friendly journalism, so to keep this promise, they launch the Apple News Plus app. This will revive news reading habit in a new looking fashion. News Plus is like a magazine or newspaper, not one or two magazines, but a whole bunch of them in your palm. Keeping the subscription charges very low just under $10 for the entire month.

Apple News Plus: magazine


Apple joins hands with more than Three Hundred (300) print magazines including The Wall Street Journals, O, The Oprah Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Parents, etc. They combine all these incredible stuff into a single Apple News Plus app. Apple successfully brought almost every genre like Lifestyle, Sports, fashion, Kids and Family, Games, Politics, Entertainment, etc.

Apple launches this service on Monday, March 25 in the US and Canada, and while Apple’s fancy. The idea is to pay $ 9.99 per month and access to Apple queue rated magazines collection. However, Apple News Plus may affect the sell of print magazines.

I am admitting, the News Plus looks very attractive, and the design is similar to an ordinary magazine which is really catchy. You can select whatever you want to read.

Launching with iOS 12.2, Apple News Plus the newer and advance version on Apple News. Apple News Plus can also be called the “Netflix of Magazines“, according to Cook it is the No. 1 news app right now in the world. He cited its unique features like hand-picked stories, saying “it’s critical that it’s trusted.”

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