Apple launches “Find My AirPods feature”, In case you lost your AirPods you can find them back with this feature


Apple is a famous American technology company and its headquarter is in Cupertino, California. Apple is a company makes different types of electronics and computer software. Apple company has proudly released the beta of iOS 10.3 which contain “Discover My AirPods“.

The alternative to discover the AirPods is accessible in “Discover My iPhone” application. AirPods depend on Bluetooth Connectivity. There is no WiFi or GPS following framework for finding them in the event that they get lost. To Find Me AirPods choice, clients can see the area of their airports on a guide and they can likewise play a caution sound so that the small buds are simpler to spot.

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If you have lost just one AirPods and it is within the range, then you can ring the alarm for that separately as there are two separate speaker icons available for each left and right AirPods. Apple cautions clients not to utilize the alert if AirPods are in their ears as the sound can be uproarious which may hurt their listening ability.

When you active the “Find My AirPods feature” application, you’ll have the capacity to see the last known area of the AirPods. This is empowered by the authority AirPod Case Bluetooth association and the GPS in your iPhone or iPad. The area data gave by the application is quite wide. It will let you know an address or a crossing point, however, won’t give you granular insights about where within a building or vast field your lost AirPod is.

Image Source: cdn.techjuice

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