The Apple iPhone X and its specification


The Apple iPhone X and its specification:

This article is about the Apple iPhone X and its specification. as we know that plays an important role to upgrade the technology. Apple is the company which develops the Smartphones and electronic devices and delivers in all over the world. as Apple is known as the main series of Apple iPhone smartphone and this time they released the Apple iPhone X smartphone. Apple iPhone X was released in 12 of September 2017 in all over the world.

Specified Smartphone:

Apple iPhone X is the high specified smartphone and developers include many features in this Apple iPhone X.if we talk about the price of this Apple iPhone X is 110,000 this is the latest and lowest price of the Apple iPhone X in Pakistan. On the other side if we talk about the specification of Apple iPhone X. So this smartphone has 3 GB of RAM and Apple iPhone X is available in 64/256 GB of storage, the size of Apple iPhone X is 5.8 Inches the front camera is 7 MP of Apple iPhone X and the back Dual camera is 12 MP. The CPU of Apple iPhone X is the HexaCore and the battery is 3,300mAh included.

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