Apple has ordered over 60 Million OLED panels from Samsung


Apple and Samsung are known to be big rivals of each other but they say that Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is just what Apple is doing.

Apple has confirmed their order from Samsung for OLED panels for their future use in their iPhone 8 and the total ammount of panels are worth $4.3 Billion and are around 60 Million panels.

The deal was rumored to be consisting of around 100 Million pieces and was said to be included in only the top iPhone Model but it seems as if it will come in all of the models

The sizes of the display has not yet been confirmed but are  sure to be leaked maybe now or later rumours stated that The panels will come in 3 different versions with only the Top model of the iPhone getting OLED treatment. It has also been said thet the phones could feature Edge To Edge display which could be quite futuristic for the iPhone and will be sure to shock the world.

Samsung is currently creating around 95% of all the worlds OLED panels and LG is trying to come up to the standards of Samsung by pushing their production.


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Sufyan Khan


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