Anusha Rehman orders NTC to provide latest Communication technology to government sectors


Anusha Rehman, A pakistani politician, corporate lawyer and current Minister of State of Information Technology and Telecommunication of Pakistan Recently ordered the National Telecommunication Corporation of pakistan (NTC) to upgrade and provide the latest Telecommunication services to all the government sectors and workers to improve on their communication in all of the Districts by 2020,

She Gave These Orders While She Was Attending the 91st NTC Management Board Meeting which was held at Ministry Of IT On The 26th of Jan

Many guests also were invited for the meeting including well known people such as Mr, Rizwan Bashir, who is the Federal Secretary IT and Dr. Shujat Ali, who is the Special secretary of Finance. The board checked the improvement the NTC has made on the past projects they were given.

NTC Is To Provide Telecom Service All Over The Country Till 2020, Says Anusha

Mr. Viqar Rashid Khan, who is the current Managing Director for the MTC informed the board that they are currently working on creating and adapting to new technologies all over Pakistan and working on solving the main issue which is of that there are no Telecom Infrastructures in some main places.

NTC are the first ever operators who have come up with the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) solutions which allow users to directly communicate with each other and other solutions such as Point 2 Point solutions which will help improve the reach of 3G and 4G in places where they currently are not present.

The Board was also given live demonstrations of latest phones which use software to improve on confrence calling by using Landline outlets which was highly favoured by the board and were asked to provide this service to all government sectors.

The meeting also discussed on the possibility of bringing NTC to sectors of Pakistan where it currently is not present such as : Districts Of Haripur and Pakpattan

The Board Also Gave Them Info About Their Most Recent Agreement SPLA with Microsoft.

Mr. Waqar also informed the board about how they are performing right now and in the past with completing 100% of their assigned tasks with the time span and completion of ADP projects which will benefit the Public Sector Organization.

The board also told the NTC about their most recent agreement SPLA with Microsoft which will enable Microsoft to provide their services to the people of Pakistan which will be charged on monthly bases, softwares such as office 360. This will highly impact the current revenue of  NTC by increasing it.


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