Anusha Rehman blamed on NGOs for weakening in Cyber Crime Law.


Anusha Rehman, the State Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication blamed on NGOs for weakening Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan, the meeting held on Wednesday.

The Committee met with Shahi Syed on Wednesday. Anusha Rehman said that they will be introduced Data Protection, it will protect consumers and nobody will use without permission.

The Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Anusha Rehman stated that,

Cyber Crime Law has been weakened and not remains even 40 percent of the original draft, after some NGOs [who had vested interest] raised the issue while quoting attack on freedom of expression.

In 2012, the first drafted Cyber Crime Law. After the recalled Cyber Crime Law tabled by PML (N), but they protest from civil society. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), they deal with the cyber crime and control all the crimes in the country. They have authority to deal with cyber crimes, lacks resources. They deal on daily basis with all the crimes in the country.

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