The Android phones need Antivirus App because while using the internet many types of virus come through the internet:

This article is about the Antivirus App does need in Android phones. As we all know that when we are using the internet on PC so there are many types of the virus has come through the internet so then we use anti-virus software to remove the virus so if we talk about the Smartphone, Android smartphone does it still need an Antivirus in 2017? because the android operating is a big wall in the way of the virus but there is a need or not to use the antivirus application on Android smartphones so the answer of the question is that antivirus depends on the usage of your internet.

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If some one uses the cell phone sensible so they do not need any antivirus or if some one uses the internet in the smartphone and do not care about the verified application, web pages Avoid installing pirated apps. If you are installing APKs from external sources, make sure they come from a reputable repository. So they need to install the antivirus application because there are a lot of application in application store that they are not properly verified and another side there are many verified antivirus available in play store you guys can get at any cost.