AMD apologizes: The company is not going to inform anything about the upcoming Radeon RX 560

0, AMD comes up with an explanation regarding the matter we just covered yesterday. The cut-down version of Radeon RX 560 with exactly the same name and packaging was rolled out in the market secretly, that misled a number of buyers looking for the original RX 560 online. The cut-down version had lesser CUs and SPs and this thing wasn’t clear to a large number of buyers.

AMD Radeon RX 560 Controversy 1000x296 AMD apologizes for not properly informing the public about the new Radeon RX 560

The Confusion

The confusion isn’t only confined to this cut down version, as there is already another version of it by the name of RX 560D with 896 SPs. So what was the point of releasing another piece of hardware without any prior notification?

AMD’s Take On This

AMD while apologizing for this act said:

It’s correct that 14 Compute Unit (896 stream processors) and 16 Compute Unit (1024 stream processor) versions of the Radeon RX 560 are available. We introduced the 14CU version this summer to provide AIBs and the market with more RX 500 series options. It’s come to our attention that on certain AIB and etail websites there’s no clear delineation between the two variants. We’re taking immediate steps to remedy this: we’re working with all AIB and channel partners to make sure the product descriptions and names clarify the CU count, so that gamers and consumers know exactly what they’re buying. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.

AMD did well by informing just in time regarding this Radeon RX 560 release.

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