Here are the amazing ufone call packages


Here are the amazing Ufone call Packages:

This article is about the Ufone call packages. As we all know that the Ufone is the telecom service provider in Pakistan this service provider is has been registering under the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). This service provider is linked with the PTC as well. Ufone service provider providing the SMS, Calls and internet service in all over Pakistan.

This telecom operator providing these services with low rates but the quality is almost high. This telecom operator has more than 4.96 million 3G users in all over Pakistan because they are providing best 3G services in Pakistan with the low rates that are why users use this network more than others.

If we talk about the call packages so they are providing daily, weekly and monthly call packages with the low rate the further details are enlisted.

The Call Packages:

1: Ufone Hourly Call Packages:

Power Hour Rs. 6+tax Dial *99# 60-net minutes+60 SMS+10 off-net min+60 MB
Super Call Offer Rs. 3.89/hour Dial *45# Unlimited call to all Ufone numbers
Uth Student Offer Rs. 3 Dial *202# Unlimited Ufone calls in just Rs. 0.75/hour
Dabangg Hour (valid for ‘Uth’ package customers only) Rs.3.99 incl. tax Dial *212#
Unlimited on-net calls+Unlimited SMS+Unlimited MBs

2: Ufone Daily Call Packages:

24 Ghanta Offer Rs 11.99+tax Dial *2424# Unlimited on-net minutes
Super Sasta Package Rs 0.85+ tax (per 30 sec) Dial *5678# Rs.0.85+tax/30 sec
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 7 Dial *445# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
Super 5 Offer Rs. 5+ tax Dial *5252# Unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone+Unlimited SMS(valid from 5am-5pm)
Daily Pakistan Offer Rs. 18 incl. tax Dial:*888# Unlimited on-net minutes+Unlimited MBs

3: Ufone Weekly Call Packages:

Package Name Price Activation Detail
Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar Offer) Rs. 80 Dial *5050# 100 on-net mins+100 SMS+1000 MBs
Weekly Pakistan Offer Rs.100 Dial *8888# Unlimited on-net minutes+100 MBs

4: Ufone Monthly Call Packages:

Super Card Rs 499 Load Ufone Super Card 1000-net minutes+1000 SMS+150 off-net min+1000 MB
Super Card Plus Rs 599 Load Ufone Super Card Plus 1200-net minutes+1200 SMS+200 off-net min+1200 MB
PTCL to Ufone Rs. 150+tax Dial 1236 from PTCL Unlimited calls to all Ufone numbers
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 150+ tax Dial:*4455# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
Monthly Pakistan Offer Rs. 418 incl. tax Dial:*8888# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers+ 400 MBs

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