Al-Haj Faw increases vehicle Prices for the third in 2018


For the third time in 2018,Al-Haj-FAW has increased prices of its vehicle again.Last time the company raised prices on its vehicles during march 2018.

To compensate for increasing import costs, suzuki,Al-Haj FAW  and other automaker has announced recent prices.

The company has issued notices to its dealership ,informing them about the new prices of vehicles.

Lets take a look at the new prices of suzuki

FAW Model Variant Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.)
X-PV Standard 919,000 944,000
Dual AC 969,000 994,000
W/O Rear Seat 949,000 974,000
Carrier Standard 819,000 844,000
Flat Bed 809,000 834,000
Deckless 799,000 824,000
Increment for AC 41,000 45,000
V2 M/T 1,154,000 1,179,000


FAW circular reads :

“All FAW vehicle prices changes without any notice and prices sets at the time of delivery shall apply if the rates of current duties/taxes are increased or new taxes/duties are levied by the government then such increase price of vehicle would be paid by the customers prior to the delivery of the vehicles”.

The previous prices are as follow:


Standard :   Rs. 919,000

Dual Ac :      Rs.969,000

W/O Rear Seat : 949,000

FAW Carrier

Standard : Rs.819,000

Flat Bed : Rs.809,000

Deckless: Rs.809,000

Extra cost for AC Rs.41,000


Manual Transmission Rs.1,154,000


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Arooj Fatima


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