Ahsan Tahir: 13 Year old Pakistani Talented Boy becomes a Ethical Hacker.


Pakistani talented boy ‘Ahsan Tahir’ is a rising star from Karachi Pakistan. Ahsan Tahir is an ethical hacker and cyber security consultant from Karachi.

Ahsan Tahira is just 13 years old boy from Karachi, Pakistan. Tahir work through bounty programs, and help to companies. He also fixes the vulnerabilities in their websites exchange for cash. He learned in just one year. Now he becomes an ethical hacker and helps to vulnerabilities for big tech companies. 
He starts leaning when his own website hacked in 2016. He learned to hack in just one year. According to the Ahsan Tahir, he said that he learned to hack from the tutorials, youtube, and other websites. He said,

I decided to find bugs in my own website and I can hack into different companies to find bugs and they will pay me — or appreciate me — so I started [doing] that.

A successful hacker can collect $50 to 350,000 money from the companies. It depends on the  the bugs how b ig it is and how critical. Many tech companies offering the best offers for the bugs.

The CEO and founderr of bugcrowd, Casey Ellis stated that,

Hackers like Ahsan are literally the next generation of cybersecurity defenders, and the future of the internet relies on them having an easy on-ramp into security as a career.

He also said that, Digital natives make very good hackers, and the power this group represents to companies trying to safeguard their businesses and users is immense.There are many hackers here and work for the tech companies. When he was too younger, he want to continue in nug bounties as a part time. After his schooling, Tahir gave 1 to 2 hour for hacking.

Now he’s turning most thrilled when he will found the bug from microsoft. They will also pay $500 for the founding of bugs from Microsoft. Ahsan Tahir said,

 I am proud of making the internet safer, the world safer, Because the next wars maybe will be cyber wars.




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