Again Suzuki Pakistan is increasing prices of cars by Rs.30,000


This year Suzuki is again increasing prices of its entire lineup.From today retail prices of suzuki  will be increases by upto 30,000.This  year this will be the 3rd time that suzuki is increasing its retail price in response to the rupee’s devaluation.

Company has already inform the customers about the increasing prices of suzuki. Prices will be increasing from June 2018.As observed on the organization’s authentic roundabout, an underlined note below the rate table reads.

“This new price of Suzuki will not be considered for old pending orders who have not done their balance payment within due date”


Model Old price (Rs.) New price (Rs.)
Mehran VX Rs.709,000 Rs.739,000
Mehran VXR Rs.762,000 Rs.795,000
Ravi Rs.726,000 Rs.756,000
Bolan Rs.784,000 Rs.814,000
Bolan Cargo Rs.750,000 Rs.780,000
Swift NAV-MT Rs.1,405,000 Rs.1,435,000
Swift NAV-AT Rs.1,541,000 Rs.1,571,000
Cultus VXL Rs.1,391,000 Rs.1,421,000
Cultus VXR Rs.1,270,000 Rs.1,300,000
Wagon R VXL Rs.1,164,000 Rs.1,194,000
Wagon R VXR Rs.1,074,000 Rs.1,104,000

All the prices are ex-factory and the prices are increased by 30,000 rupee’s.The increasing price is being attributed to the Pakistan rupee,s falling value against dollars.

The company also added that due to decrease in value of rupee,s the import cost for raw material and other components also increases.Because of this ,company has to acquire more cost  to set a unit before selling it to their customers because company imported most of the components instead of producing them locally.

According to Suzuki dealer,the market was expecting to rise in all variations.

“The price of Suzuki Ravi had been increased by Rs 20,000 . The price of Suzuki Bolan had also increased by Rs 20,000 . Suzuki Bolan Cargo’s price is also increased by Rs.20,000.


Suzuki Ravi  = Rs.726,000

Suzuki Bolan   = Rs.784,000

Suzuki Bolan Cargo’s price   = 750,000.

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Arooj Fatima


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