About Water Emergency In Pakistan, German Ambassadors Are Suggested Us How To Save Water


Pakistan is facing most of the problems but now a days shortage of water is one of the biggest problem.Pakistan is 3rd ranked among water scarce nations and is also lack of rainfall now a days.We have to start something to save water.

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler said that Pakistan is facing a big problem about shortage of water , attributing it to immoderate use. Kobler suggested us that don’t waste water for cars,instead of running tap water he advising us to use a bucket.

using a bucket to save water while washing my car!! ranks third amongst countries facing water shortage. one major reason is excessive use! 100 liters wasted washing a car with running tap water.. many ways to in our daily life!

Marion Pfenning also tweeted about the water problem in Pakistan.Inspired by Martin ,Marion suggested us an easy way of saving water in our daily lives.

Tonight I washed my vegetables for dinner in a bowl instead of under the running tab. Because the small things count as well!

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Arooj Fatima


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