A unique startup has been introduced which allows private car owners to make money


As the world of education is developing and improving so are the creative minds of Pakistan, because of which many startups have been introduced to Pakistan in recent times . But sometimes  things fail and its not necessary  that everything works, recently a new startup has been introduced.

Ticket Kataao: A Tech-Based Startup that Crowd Sources Private Vehicles for Advertising

Ticket Kataao is a somewhat unique startup, technically what the company does is that it brands private vehicle with advertisements and share the revenue that comes with the people who own the cars and it doesn’t matter if you own a car or a rickshaw it works in both cases. The company was started by Talha Zaheer

Basically this tech-startup provides advertising space that crowd sources private vehicles for advertising and employs a shared economy model to provide supplemental income to car owners. The aim is to create a mass scale vehicular based advertising campaigns that benefit hundreds and thousands of people.

If you go in detail what this company does is that it takes advertisements from companies all over Pakistan on a contract base which is usually of around 3 months and the company finds private car owners who are willing to coat their car in advertising vinyls of different companies and a local tracker which tracks the cars movement.

All coating and other expense is covered by Ticket Kataao.

Raja ge Ticket Kataao!

The minimum mileage for a driver is 30-50 km a day. If the driver fulfill the requirement they will get 20,000 rupees for a sedan and 15,000 rupees for a compact car.

In order to make money one has to drive atleast 30 Kilometres per day and on their completion they will earn 20,000 if they have a sedan and 15,000 is they own a compact car

How can one sign up for this service?

All you have to do is to go to www.ticketkataao.com and sign up for their simple yet paying service. And this can also benefit you double if you have a car which is already working in Uber or Careem.


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Sufyan Khan


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